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Feline Registry

Article V - Breed Recognition

Section 1 - Recognition of Established Breeds

REFR accepts all recognized breeds from all recognized registries for registration. 
Section 2 -  Recognition of New Breeds

REFR accepts new breeds for registration if they are phenotypically different from other established breeds and if requirements have been met for establishment of the breed.

Section 3 - Application for Registration of New Breeds

          A.  Applications may be made for new domestic breeds of cats following the guidelines of the approved application form.

          B.  Applications may be made for new feral/domestic hybrid breeds of cats following the guidelines of the approved application form.

Section 4 - Registration Limitations

It is understood that REFR provides registration services for the purpose of maintaining a stud book and foundation book of registered cats and breeder listings to facilitate the development and promotion of each breed.

Section 5 - Breeds Accepted for Registration

REFR accepts the following breeds of cats for registration. 

Desert Lynx - DLX 
Devon Rex - DRX
Donskoy - DSK
Egyptian Mau - EGM 
Exotic Shorthair - ESH
Fishing Cat - FCT
Gao Taem - GTM
Geoffroy's Cat - GRY
Havana - HAV
Hemingway Curl - HCL
Highland Fold - HFD 
Himalayan - HIM
Japanese Bobtail - JBT 
Javanese - JAV
Jungala - JLA
Jungle Cat -JCT
Jungle Curl - JCL
Khao Manee - KMN
Korat - KOR
LaPerm - LAP
Maine Coon - MCN 
Manx - MNX 
Munchkin - MUN
Napoleon - NAP
Niebelung - NBL 
Norwegian Forest Cat- NFC
Ocicat - OCI 
Ojos Azules - OJA 
Oriental Longhair - OLH
Oriental Shorthair- OSH
Abyssinian - ABY           
American Bobtail -ABT
American Curl - ACL 
American Keuda - AKE
American Lynx - ALX 
American Longhair - ALH
American Shorthair - ASH 
American Wirehair - AWH
Asian - ASN
Australian Mist - AMS
Balinese - BAL
Bengal - BGL
Birman - BIR 
Bobcat - BCT
Bombay - BOM
Brazilian Shorthair - BZS 
Bristol - BRI 
British Longhair - BLH
British Shorthair - BSH 
Burmese - BUR
Burmilla - BML
California Spangled - CSP 
California Toyger - CTO 
Caracal - CRL
Chartreux - CHX 
Chausie - CHA 
Chinese Harlequin - CHQ
Color Point Shorthair - CSH 
Copper - COP
Cornish Rex - CRX
Cymric - CYM
Pantherette -PAN 
Persian - PER 
Peterbald - PET
Pixiebob - PXB
Puppykat - PPK
Ragdoll - RGD 
Ragamuffin - RGM
Ruffle - RUF
Russian Blue - RBL
Safari - SAF 
Savannah - SAV 
Scottish Fold - SFD
Scottish Longhair - SLH
Scottish Shorthair - SSH 
Selkirk Rex - SRX 
Serengeti - SGT
Serval - SER
Siamese - SIA 
Siberian - SIB 
Singapura - SGP
Skookum - SKO
Sokoke - SOK
Snowbob - SNB
Snowshoe - SNS 
Somali - SOM 
Sphynx - SPX
Tiffany - TIF 
Tonkinese - TON 
Traditional Siamese - TSI
Turkish Angora - TKA 
Turkish Van - TVN
Vienna Woods - VNW 
Viverral - VIV
York Chocolate - YKC


Section 6 - Breed Codes

Each accepted breed is designated by a three-letter breed code, listed above to the right of each breed.
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Article IV - Registration of Cats

Article VII - Regstration of Catteries

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Article VI - Registration of Litters

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