The Bramble is unique in other ways than the coat texture, though. This breed is a large size and has a very strong personality, while maintaining a people focus. Gaining the eyes and natural instincts of the Bengal cat, the Bramble is a fearless cat that acts in most ways much more like a dog. They can be leashed trained with minimal effort, love water, and have a true confidence to their nature. 

The play of a Bramble is much like that of a cat found in the wild. They will stalk pretend prey in the home and toys are treated in a serious manner. It is not unusual for a Bramble to grab a toy and take it to their food bowl to protect it or walk right up to a large dog and growl. They are quick, confident, and lightning fast. This is different than most domestic cat breeds. 

Although this cat is a strong muscular cat that carries the instinctual habits of its distant cousins from the wild, the personality of the Peterbald is very prominent, as well. This brings in the focus on the relationship with people. The Bramble is non aggressive and wants to be a part of the family. The personality is just as important as the look on this cat. Although friendly with strangers, this cat has a strong desire to pick one person as a favorite in the household. The bond is strong between cat and man with this breed.  

Larger than most average house cats and much more muscular, the Bramble has no known health problems and appears to be hardier than most breeds of cats. If you are looking for a cat with the personality of a dog, instincts of a cougar, unusually striking coat, and the friendliness of a lap dog, this cat fits that description.

Over the years, there have been several different coat types seen on domestic cats. This has paled in comparison to the dog world, however, with three times as many variations in texture of the coat. That is changing, however.  

The Bramble has a wire coat that is similar to a Wire Haired Fox Terrier dog. Using influences from the Peterbald, Bengal, and a few other breeds, the Bramble has a predictable wire coat that is unmatched in the cat world. By using select breeds for their temperament, personality, and size, the Bramble is a wonderfully unique cat that is certain to grow in popularity. Named after the short underbrush found in natural settings, the Bramble is an exceptionally striking cat. 

The coat is a wire coat that that does not shed and is accepted in any pattern and color, although, it is certain that the most popular will be the rosette-patterned skin under the thin wire coat. In the sunlight, the pattern will show through. No special grooming is needed for this striking coat.