Sashkin Rex

 the Sashkin Rex is a breed of unique appearance.  It has large eyes, short muzzle with great break, prominent cheekbones, and normal set ears. The cats are small in size but strong in body. Sashkin Rex are fully covered with soft, wavy fur; the fur is of a distinctive texture, as the mutation which causes its wavy coat has only been cultivated before in the Devon Rex breed. To achieve desired goal, breeder used British Short Hair, Devon Rex and Munchkin cats. 

​The head is big, with three distinct convex curves: a pronounced forehead, not flat, but without too much frown, nice and strongly appeared cheekbones, and well-defined whisker pads. Head is broad but not longer than it is broad.

The muzzle is short and well-developed with prominent whisker pads.The chin is strong, well-developed. In profile, chin shall line up vertically with nose, being neither undershot nor overshot.

Eyes are large and wide set, oval in shape, and sloping towards outer edges of ears. Any eye color is acceptable.

Ears are not large, rounded on top, wide at the base and well covered with fine fur. They may be with or without earmuffs and/or ear-tip tufts. The neck is medium long and strong.

The body is not large, better small or midium size, hard and muscular, and medium length. It is broad in chest and medium fine in boning, with short, heavy and sturdy legs. Hind legs much longer than the front legs. Allowance to be made for larger size in males, as long as good proportions are maintained.

Legs are short and strong no any deformities. Paws are wide and oval, with five toes in front and four behind.

The tail is long and tapering, well covered with short fur.