Litter Corrections​

Changes to litter registrations may be by downloading the form below in PDF or Word format.

If a kitten is sold without breeding rights, the sex of the kitten may be updated with this form. For example changing the sex from female to spay. However, the breeder must file this form before the new owner registers the kitten. 

A kitten's or other breed characteristic (such as hair length or tail length) may be updated using this form. This includes any mistakes made by the breeder as the litter must be redone.

The fee is $10 US. All payments must be made in US funds.

Cat registration corrections will be returned electronically to the e-mail address listed on the completed form.

The form may be downloaded here in the format that works best for you:

Once completed, email it to and make the appropriate Paypal Payment to the same email address.
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Feline Registry

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