American Miniature Cats

Some breeders come across an unusual situation where a normal sized cat 
will give birth to unusually small kittens. Others breed small cats, with small cats, to create consistent miniature cats. Many different breeds have been used to 
create the American Miniature. Some of the breed influences are Manx, Siamese, Persians, Polydactyls, and various others including crossbreeds. Size is really the determining factor in American Miniatures.

The American Miniature is approximately half the size of the average housecat. Weights will vary but should never exceed seven pounds at maturity. Height and length are a more accurate way to determine if a cat is a true miniature. American Miniatures are not dwarfs. They are perfectly proportioned, only in a smaller size. Miniature cats come in all coat colors and color patterns, as well as all hair types.  Polydactyl and short-tailed cats are allowed. 

Personalities can vary depending upon their parentage as can temperament and activity levels. Mature cats of eighteen months or older that measure twelve inches or 
less, (measuring from the base of the neck to the base of the tail fully stretched out) and measure ten inches or less from the top of the shoulder blade to the top of the paw or "wrist"  and are not heavier then seven pounds are considered registerable as miniatures.

Miniature kittens typically weigh one hundred grams or less at birth and grow at a slower rate then average. Kittens that exceed one hundred grams at birth are likely to outgrow "Miniature" status. Kittens out of two registered parents qualify for registry. However, for breeding purposes, any cat to exceed the breed standard for height and length should not be bred. Also any cat that is at the top of the breed standard for breeding 
stock should only be bred to smaller cats then itself.

Breeding stock or unregistered outcrosses must not exceed fourteen inches from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, or exceed eleven inches from the shoulder blade to the wrist.  Neither can they exceed the seven pound weight limit.

American Miniatures have no more health problems then any other cat. 
Miniature females may have trouble giving birth if they are too small or if they are bred to a significantly larger male. Careful consideration and selection on the breeding pair should be top priority in any breeding program.