American Polydactyl

The coat on shorthairs is short and even.  Coats on longhairs are medium in length and have a fine, silky texture.  Coats on both short and longhairs lie close to the body.

Registration on American Polydactyls is still open at this time.  This means that cats displaying the characteristic extra toes may be registered as American Polydactyls.  In addition, outcrosses are allowable.  Due to the dominant nature of the polydactyl gene, some kittens with "normal" feet may be born in litters.  These kittens are still registered as American Polydactyls.  The "PD" genetic code is used to designate if a cat displays the polydactyl gene.

The American Polydactyl is a medium to large sized domestic cat characterized by extra toes on the feet.  The body is strong and powerful with a broad chest.  It has a broad head and ears that are set wide apart.  The muzzle is somewhat square, but not foreshortened.  These are very outgoing cats.

American Polydactyls come in all colors.  They may be tailless, have short tails, or have full-length tails.  They come in both long and short hair.

The polydactyl gene is a dominant gene.  The cats may be polydactyl only in the front feet, only in the hind feet, or on all feet.  Some cats display the "thumb" shape on front or hid feet while others have almost double feet--u,e,: a four-toed foot and a smaller three-toed foot on the same leg.  "Mitten," "double foot," or "snowshoe" shaped front feet are all acceptable.