The Dossow cat is a of many hair coats.  It comes in long hair, short hair, or with no hair, as in the Donskoy.  Cats with hair may have a curled coat or a straight coat, with the curled coat preferred.  In fact, due to the nature of the gene, cats with straight coats are only rarely born. Cats born with no hair are not used for breeding.

This is a large spotted cat with a heavy build on  long legs. The Dossow has large ears, slightly rounded, that sit on top of a wide rounded head.  It has a very strong jawbone with large cheeks. The muzzle has a squared look to it, with a slight curve between the eyes and a straight downward plain to the nose pad.

The eyes are oval under a heavy brow. Dossows have a sleepy look to them. 

The Dossow is a Polydactyl cat, meaning their feet have extra toes.  The toes are very long.  These cats are known to hold things while they eat or play. 

Dossows come in the spotted tabby pattern in all colors.  Particolors (with piebald white spotting) are not permitted. Outcrosses are allowed to Donskoys, Peterbalds, Savannahs, and Desert Lynx Cats.

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