Mojave Spotted Cats

The Mojave Spotted Cats of today are hybrid cats resulting in an attempt to preserve the original colonies of wild, untamed, spotted cats surviving in the Mojave Desert.  The original wild cats could not be domesticated.  Even kittens born in captivity remained wild.

People interested in preserving the beauty of this breed crossed Mojave Spotted Cats with primarily Bengals and polydactyl domestic cats to improve the disposition, pattern, and bone structure of the cats.  

Although not widely known, the Mojave Spotted breed today is gaining popularity.  The cat comes in the leopard spotted pattern in the eumelanistic colors, including silvers, sepias, and snows.  Some cats have rosette spotting.

The cat is medium to large in size when compared to other domestic cats.  Hind legs are slightly longer than front legs, and there is a belly flap on most cats.
Mojave Spotted Cats may have full domestic tails or short tails.  A genetic code is added to the registration number indicating if the cat has a short or long tail.  Cats also may be polytdactyl, and a genetic code is added to registration numbers indicating if the cat has this characteristic.l  The coat has a pelt-like feel indicative of the Bengal outcrosses.  The head has a slight wedge shape, with rounded ears and oval eyes.  These cats have short, squared muzzles, and broad noses.

These cats are active.  They have curious, outgoing personalities and can be independent in nature.  They make very good pets.