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 Electronic Application for Registration of Cat 
not litter registered with REFR. 

When registering a cat which has not been litter registered with REFR, please complete a three-generation pedigree, if possible.  List the names, breeds, registration numbers, colors and birthdates of as many ancestors as possible.  For all domestic breeds and feral/domestic hybrid breeds, select Long Hair or Short Hair.  Information on tail length (Long Tail or Short Tail), ears (Straight Ears, Curled Ears, or Folded Ears), legs (Long or Short), Coat (straight or curled), and whether or not the cat is polydactyl must be selected if these are distinguishing characteristics of the breed.  These items should also be marked on the pedigrees, if applicable.  These items do not apply to feral species. The name of cat may not exceed 37 letters and spaces.

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Applications will be returned for Incorrect Numbers and Fees.  All fees must be received on the same day as electronic submisson of information or information will be discarded.

  Please remit processing fee via Pay Pal.

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If one parent is registered with REFR, the registration fee is $15 US.  If neither parent is registered with REFR, the registration fee is $20 US.

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Registrations will only be returned electronically.  For registrations to be returned, please list e-mail address here:

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Breeder of cat

Breeder's address

City                                                                     State                                  Zip

Breeder's registered cattery name (if any)

Breeder's REFR cattery number

Owner of cat

Owner's address

City                                                                     State                                  Zip

Owner's registered cattery name (if any)

Owner's REFR cattery number

Name of Dam (if known)

Breed of Dam (if known)

Reg. Number of Dam (if registered)

Registering Organization of Dam (if registered)

Name of Sire (if known) 

Breed of Sire (if known)

Reg. Number of Sire (if registered)

Registering Organization of Sire (if registered)
Date of Birth:  Month                            Day                         Year        

Hair length                            Tail             Polydactyl       

Ears                          Legs                                               Coat
Name of cat                                                                           Breed

Sex                        Altered                        Color 
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