Rare and Exotic 
Feline Registry

Electronic Registraion of Kitten
 litter registered with REFR

Kittens which have been litter registered after October 4, 2004 may be registered on-line by completing the information below:

Litter No.:
The Litter Number is an eight digit number beginning with the month of the year, day of the month, and followed by the year such as 10042004.  It is found in the center of the blue slip.

Kitten No.:                                                              Breed of Cat:
The Kitten Number is found just to the right of the Litter Number.

Name of cat:                                                                     


Owner of cat:

Owner's address: 

City:                                                             State:                               Zip:

Owner's registered cattery name (if any):

Owner's REFR cattery number (if any):

Note that there can be no modifications of information on kittens registered electronically unless the change is initiated by the breeder.  The form for the breeder to make these changes may be found here.

Payment Information
Method of payment is U.S. funds via Pay  Pal.

Please list 
e-mail address here:

Please include the name appearing on the 
Pay Pal account here:

After clicking on the Submit button below, return to the home page and click on the orange electronic payment button to make an on-line payment.              

Once  form is complete, please click the submit button at the bottom of the page
Applications will be returned for Incorrect Numbers and Fees.  All fees must be received the same day as electronic submisson of information or information will be discarded.

The fee is $10.00.  

Payments must be made via Pay Pal.

Note before you hit the "Submit" button that some web browsers are experiencing difficulty and will see the error message below. The form has been submitted and received. We are working to resolve this error message. We regret the inconvenience.