Rare and Exotic 
Feline Registry

Article VII - Registration of Catteries


Section 1

An application for registration of a cattery must be made on the official form of the registry.   

Section 2

The registration of a cattery with REFR is permanent and does not need to be renewed.

Section 3  

A cattery name may  not exceed seventeen letters, characters and spaces combined.. 

Section 4

A cattery name may not closely resemble another registered cattery name, may not duplicate the name of an accepted breed, and may not be of a defamatory nature.
Section 5  

The breeder's cattery name is used as a prefix.  The owner's cattery name (if different from that of the breeder) is used as a suffix preceded by "of."

Section 6

Once added, a cattery prefix may not be dropped or changed.

Section 7

A cattery suffix may be dropped or changed with the payment of the appropriate fee.

Section 8:  

A cat's registered name may include no more than one cattery name prefix and one cattery name suffix. 
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