Rare and Exotic 
Feline Registry

Electronic Application for Registration of a New Breed.  

1.  Name of new breed

2.  Allowable outcrosses (be specific about which breeds are specifically included or excluded and about whether domestic cats of unknown parentage may be used

3.  Are domestic allowed?  For example, may a third generation cross be bred to an accepted domestic (as outlined in #2)?   

4.  Does the breed have distinguishing characteristics such as a short tail, curled ears, or extra toes, which should be documented by additional digits in the registration code?       
If so, please list

5.  What colors will be allowable for the breed?

6.  What patterns will be allowable for the breed, such as leopard, ticked, marbled, clouded leopard, solid color, classic tabby, mackerel tabby?

7.  How will the cat's hair length be classified?  

8. Include a narrative description of proposed breeding program.  Are there any unique problems?  Please note that this will in no way hinder the registration of your breed.  It is important that all idiosyncrasies of each breed be documented for the promotion of the breed and as a source of information for potential breeders.  Also, please include the inheritance patterns of specific unique genes in your breed.  For example, if your breed has a short tail, is the gene dominant or recessive?

9.  Attach photos of one or more good specimens of the breed.  Please make sure that the photos show the head in profile and from the front.  Also include a good shot of a standing cat from the side.  If there are distinguishing breed characteristics which are unique to your breed, please make sure that these are evident in the photos.  It is not necessary to send professional photographs. Snapshots are fine.  Make sure the photos are attached in .jpeg format.

10.  Note: Do not submit payment for the new breed until approval has been given by the registrar.  There is no guarantee that the breed will be accepted for registration.  New breeds may be eligible for registration as Experimental until the gene pool is large enough for full registration. To be accepted for registration, at least twenty-five individual cats and a minimum of three breeders working with the breed must be available.

Payment Information

Please pay the fee of $75 US using Pay Pal.

Once  form is complete and electronic payment has been made (if applicable), 
please click the submit button at the bottom of the page
Applications will be returned for Incorrect Numbers and Fees.  All fees must be received within seven days of electronic submisson of information or information will be discarded.

Do not submit this application and fees until you have gotten approval from the registrar.  Fees paid prematurely will not be refunded. Twenty-five individual cats must be approved for registration prior to recognizing the breed. All twenty-five cats must be registered within one month of the breed's approval or the approval will be revoked. Money will NOT be refunded.

Submit application to:
Rare & Exotic Feline Registry
P. O. Box 543
Walnut Cove, NC  27052